Sharp-dressed cow

Now it's time to dress the cow. We need a fabric that will retain water to keep the moss moist. After some searching we've found out it's called "capillary matting" and best of all there's a brand that's 100% recycled wool. Chris sets about dressing the cow, starting with her legs

Chris the cow tailor

The matting's attached using the little rivets that hold plastic car bumpers on. You can just see the pack by the cow's foot above. The legs were easy enough, but doing larger areas proved tricky. How do you hold the fabric in place while you work out what shape to cut it?

Chris had a brainwave: chopsticks!

Cow trousers held in place with chopsticks

These allowed him to get the fabric cut to shape, and then fixed into place using the rivets once everything lines up

Cow trousers riveted in place

Nearly there...

Half-dressed cow

Just the head to go...

Cow head with chopsticks

...and done!

Cow fully dressed

Just a coat of paint on the ears and hooves, and add the wire to hold the moss on, and we're done!

Cow ready for mossing