The next chapter

The trail is over! After a long summer and thousands of visitors, Moss Cow came back to Chris' back garden one last time for a bit of re-mossing. Her spot outside the Botanical Gardens got a lot of sunshine so the moss was suffering a bit.

Dried out moss on moss cow

She was soon spruced up again though, and joined all the other large cows at the final weekend at the Grafton Centre.

Panoramic view of 18 cows on display in the Grafton Centre

Four days later, the cows were auctioned for charity in a gala event at the Graduate Hotel, with celebrity auctioneer Charles Hanson keeping the energy and cow-related puns high.

Charles Hanson in charge at the auction, with Moo Moo Tron III behind him

Charles hauled Chris up on stage to talk about Moss Cow and present the care pack he'd created for her new owner.

Moss Cow care pack including instructions and toolkit

Moss Cow sold for an amazing £4,500 to an online bidder! In all, the evening raised an incredible £257,100 for Break, a charity that helps young people transition from council care.

At the time of writing, Chris doesn't yet know who bought Moss Cow, or where she will end up. Hopefully somewhere shadier than the Botanical Gardens!

So, the sensor readings for the Twitter Feed are turned off for now, and after a fun summer, we're about to moove to the next chapter. This website will stay in place to tell the story of Moss Cow.